As physician and other healthcare provider adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) rises, data on provider EHR use changes and needs to be updated and accurate. EHR PRO from Healthcare Data Solutions can identify providers in your customer file who utilize EHRs for more targeted and successful campaigns.

EHR PRO Database

EHR PRO can provide you with:

  • An EHR usage indicator appended to your existing database
  • New Providers to add to your database, with EHR use indicator and other important elements, such as:
    • EHR Vendor Name
    • Practice Name
    • 100% Phone and Business Address
    • Email Address
    • Fax Number
    • Specialty Information
    • Employee/Practice Size
    • DEA and State License Information


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    — Elizabeth Fitzsimons,
    Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

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    — Leanne Funada,
    UC Irvine Medical Center

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    — Bryan Rickelman,
    Emergency Staffing Solutions
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    — Douglas Stitzer,
    Medical Protective