Marketing to Nurses: Leveraging their Digital Media Consumption Habits

Healthcare marketers take note: Nurses are engaging with digital media in increasing numbers and in a variety of ways ‘” primarily for educational purposes. According to new research recently released by UBM Medica, 70% of Nurses who took part in their survey regularly go online to seek out the latest information on developing research and treatment in order to gain insight into the latest options for patients.

Furthermore, these Nurses are averaging about 4.5 hours per week accessing information via mobile devices. They also favor Apple products as their mobile devices of choice, with 48% of respondents owning or planning to own an iPhone and 45% owning or planning to own an iPad. To read the entire report, download it here.

Firms engaging in marketing to Nurses specifically will leverage these insights into Nurse usage behavior to create products that speak directly to their needs. Savvy pharmaceutical and healthcare device marketers are already creating a number of mobile offerings to cater to the growing desire for healthcare information delivered via mobile device ‘” from apps to mobile versions of websites and beyond.

As this research reveals, Nurses’ greatest use of digital media is for educational purposes. Consequently, healthcare marketing organizations hoping to influence purchase decisions among this segment would be wise to create streamlined educational offerings via their websites and apps.

Some of the most successful medical apps that have been created are medical reference apps sponsored by Big Pharma. While most of these apps create a favorable impression of the company who created them, they’re not specifically designed to sell a product. Rather, they’re created for educational purposes, making them attractive resources for Nurses on the go.

Firms hoping to recreate these successes with Nurses will undoubtedly create digital media offerings catered specifically to the Nurse’s usage pattern. As they go online via mobile devices to seek the latest treatment information, healthcare marketers would be wise to create comprehensive online resources that give the most relevant and timely information about whatever field they specialize in. By providing unbiased digital resources, marketers create a favorable impression of their company, thereby creating a likelihood that other, more sales-based communications will be seen and consumed by nurses on the go.

As increasing numbers of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners access healthcare information online, it’s imperative that any marketer hoping to be successful in influencing purchase decisions among them in the coming years create streamlined and engaging online content designed to educate first, and sell second. Those late to the party or who spend too much time touting the greatness of their products are bound to lose among this info-centric group.